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  • A6 Flyers & Leaflets

    Looking for a creative way to showcase your photography or promote an event? A6 flyers and leaflets are the perfect solution! With a range of paper types to choose from, you can create an eye-catching design that will impress your audience. Plus, all A6 flyers are trimmed to 148 x 105 mm, so you can be sure they’ll stand out.
    A6 Leaflets 130gsm - printexpert.co.uk
    from £21.00

    A6 Leaflets 130gsm


    Our 130gsm A6 leaflets are a fun, cost effective alternative to the classic A5 leaflets. Similar to a postcard it's the ideal hand-out. Small enoug...

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    A6 Leaflets 170gsm - printexpert.co.uk
    from £24.00

    A6 Leaflets 170gsm


    It only takes a glance to get someone's attention, but it takes a little extra something to keep it! With your design on the A6 170gsm leaflet you ...

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    A6 Flyers 250gsm - printexpert.co.uk
    from £27.00

    A6 Flyers 250gsm


    Are you promoting a new night at your local club, started cooking lessons for kids or just need to show a glimpse of an upcoming product? Well, A6 ...

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    A6 Flyers 350gsm - printexpert.co.uk
    from £28.00

    A6 Flyers 350gsm


    Our A6 350gsm Flyers are a great medium for spreading the word to your clients. They're perfect for any occasion. Our Flyers are printed on 350gsm ...

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