Why Folded Leaflets should be part of your Leaflet Distribution Campaign

There is no denying that for a small business owner, your printed marketing materials can provide you with a great return on investment. But you need to make sure you have a well researched marketing plan in place.


With regard to your leaflet marketing campaigns, it pays not to rush your design process to simply get your leaflets out there. Whether you are looking to raise awareness of your company, or you are wanting to market your products and services, the design of your leaflet can be crucial to your marketing campaign success.


The benefits of Folded Leaflets


Trying to cram all of your information onto a standard sized A5 leaflet can end up looking quite messy and disorganised. Using a folded leaflet does take more planning and thought, but it really helps to deliver your information in a smooth way that doesn't overwhelm your reader.


Folded leaflets are a great way to deliver a story, so if you wanted to produce a timeline history of your company, then a folded leaflet is the way to go. The design itself is very inviting for a reader – it has an element of curiosity that makes people want to open it up to discover what information is hidden inside.


There is also a tangible feeling of value and quality to folded leaflets that you simply cannot get from a digital online delivery. This is why they are a very effective medium to give out at trade fairs and public events. People can take these away with them to read later, so you need to have a catchy or intriguing title on the front fold of your leaflet that will hook in your reader and encourage them to discover more about you.


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