Why Choose Gloss Laminated Flyers?

Flyers have been a traditional way to advertise your business for many years – they easily reach customers, showcase products or services and can be handed out or posted.  The ease of laminating flyers and other documents has been added to the service to make them durable and strong.  So why would you choose gloss laminated flyers to advertise your business?

What is lamination?

Lamination is a process where a very thin film is applied to a leaflet once all the printing is finished.  This protects the leaflet against water or general wear and tear and means it has a much longer lifespan.  When you get a printing company that offer lamination, you can apply this to your flyers and make them much stronger.

Reasons to go for gloss laminated flyers

1. Enhance the flyer
Laminate finishes may make the flyer tougher but also makes it look classier and sturdier.  It also protects the printing, so the colours look vivid and bright and images are high quality while text is easy to read.

2. Makes them stronger
As mentioned, laminated flyers are stronger.  This means you can post them through doors, pin them up on notice boards or lots of other uses and the flyer will remain clear and easy to read where a paper flyer might crumble.

3. Highly professional impression
By going the extra step to laminate a flyer, you create a positive, highly professional impression with clients.  Quality is more important than quantity and you want to offer advertising materials that are practical and useful.

Choices for laminates

We offer both matt and gloss laminated flyers, so you can get the look you want.  Both styles bring the benefits of making your laminated flyers tough and professional looking and can be used to hand out, display at events or use in your business premises.

Why not contact our friendly customer service team today to discuss your gloss laminated flyer needs.

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