What Products Can You Get from Online Printers?

Advertising your business can now be done through a combination of online and offline methods.  Flyers and business cards pair with social media updates and a website to create a holistic approach to marketing.  And like many things, you can now work with online printers to get the marketing materials you need.  But what kind of products do they offer?


Laminated flyers

We’ve all had flyers pop through our doors and often they are ripped up, hard to read or have been spoiled by the rain.  The modern way to avoid this problem is with laminated flyers which come in both gloss and matt.  Flyers have always been a great way to advertise your business and by laminating them, they are tougher, last longer and their quality shines through.



Sometimes you want to provide a bit more information than a flyer to help people make a decision and become a customer or a lead.  That’s where leaflets can come in – they are popular for everything from clothing stores to restaurants to advertising the latest show at the theatre.  They come in a range of sizes and thicknesses to get the perfect match for your needs.


Business cards

If there’s one thing the internet hasn’t changed, it is the requirement to hand out business cards when you meet someone.  And with online printers, you can easily get the design you want to be ordered online and have them delivered to your home or business.  You can even have laminated business cards that will last longer and perforated styles of business cards where one part can be a promotional voucher that is handed in for a discount or special offer.


Letterhead paper

There are lots of subtle ways to expose customers and potential customers to your brand and create an impression.  Sometimes as simple as a well-designed letterhead paper could be ideal and with online printers, it is easy to get this.  Available in different paper weights, this can then be used to print quotes, receipts or other written correspondence.


Roll banners

Exhibitions and trade shows are a great way to get more exposure for your business, but you need to create a branded, eye-catching presence at them to get the best results.  Roll banners are an important part of doing this, - full-length banners that can have branding and images on them and create a backdrop for your stand.   They can also be used around the shop to help catch customers attention or outside it to guide them towards your location.



Posters can range from A4 size through to large billboard styles and offer an eye-catching way to tell people about your product, service or special offer.  They can be handed out to people, added to shop windows or used to advertise the business around the town on bus stops or special billboards.  There are even special versions that are designed to be backlit and to show up when it is dark.


Other printed items

These are examples of some of the most popular types of printed materials to use for your business but is no means the end of the list.  A good quality online printers will be able to offer a huge range of items that can be customised to match your company branding and will be made of top quality materials.  This can include calendars, Christmas cards, desk pads, loyalty cards, mesh banners, sample packs and more.  Whatever you need, your online printing company should be able to come up with an idea that will perfectly solve it and make sure your business gets the marketing materials that it needs – all without needing to leave your office!

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