Looking For 24 Hour Printers? Look No Further Than Us!

Because we now live in a digital age many people question the need for 24 hour printers. With most businesses investing heavily in digital marketing strategies, the services offered by printers may seem a little old fashioned to say the least. However, you should never be fooled into thinking that there is no longer any place for a professional printing service in this day and age. The truth is quite the contrary!

High-quality printed products never lose their value. In fact it has been proven that using a combination of digital and print marketing is far more effective than using digital marketing alone. You see, people like something tangible that they can see and feel. You may be able to have a really flashy digital advert created online for you, but it will always lack the qualities that printed media has.

24 hour printers for local businesses

Let's look at the most common piece of marketing material that is printed today – the business card. Business cards are the most simple and easy way to get across your company information and provide a handy and convenient way to keep all of your essential contact details in one place. This is something that is not easily copied digitally.

Local businesses that provide goods or services to their local communities will be far better off targeting the customers on their doorstep with printed media, such as flyers, business cards, postcards and direct mail. It is easy to put down your smartphone and switch off your laptop or tablet, but a high-quality printed magazine, flyer or card can be picked up and put down again many times. It can remain in full view of your potential customers for a lot longer than a digital advert that appears and disappears in a flash, or can be easily scrolled passed, ignored and forgotten a few minutes later.

If you are providing a handy or useful local service, then your flyer or card will be kept for future use. How many times have you seen an interesting website and been bothered to bookmark that site to return to later? Probably not very often. But sliding a flyer or a business card into a draw is very easy to be pulled out and used when you need it at a later date. It is much easier to remember and grab than trying to revisit a website that you cannot quite remember the name of.

Looking to have something printed?

When you need something printed in a hurry, then you should look no further than Print Expert to get the job done. We offer much more than your ordinary 24-hour printers, so do not hesitate to give us a call if you need anything special prepared or you need some free advice and guidance about preparing your print work. We are here to help!

Here are a few handy tips to help you get your print work ready so the whole print process goes as smoothly as possible:

  •         Check your resolution – you should have 300 dpi minimum for printing purposes
  •         Include a minimum of 4mm bleeds around the edges of your design work to ensure a crisp edge
  •         Remember to spell check everything at least three times
  •         Send your files as TIFFs or PDFs – you can publish in these formats using most publishing software
  •         Use CMYK to produce your design rather than RGB
  •         Use vector images for the best print quality
  •         You can convert your RGB design to CMYC for printing purposes – you should find instructions for this on your design software

Should you need any help with preparing your design for printing, do not hesitate to give us a call! One of our friendly team members will be pleased to help you.

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