Laminated Flyers

Laminated flyers are a great addition to your business marketing collateral, and are a cost effective way for your business to get your message across to customers and prospects.

 Flyers are ideal for any business who attend networking events, are good for sales teams and key to any exhibition you are attending. Your laminated flyer should stand out from the competition and get the message across in a simple but memorable way. The wording needs to be something people will want to read, and so bullet points and images are key to a successful flyer.

The quality of the laminated flyer is also important, as this sets the tone for your business and although it is not an exact science, there is something special about the touch and feel of a quality printed product, and quality is something that your prospects expect to see at every turn when they are dealing with your business. Good quality paper may not get noticed, but poor quality paper, print and design certainly will.

A Laminated flyer enhances the print on the paper, and gives a smooth, high quality finish. Just what your prospects are expecting from the company they want to work with.

What is lamination, and why laminate a flyer?

Lamination is a little like the protective screen cover you would add to your smart phone, or like adding conditioner to your hair after a wash. Lamination adds a very thin film to your leaflet after the printing process.

The benefits of a laminated flyer over an unlaminated flyer, apart from the quality look and feel is that it can help protect the flyers from marks. Imagine your flyers are being transported in briefcases by your sales team, or in a bag in transit to that important exhibition, the agitation and movement can easily rub at the print, showing wear and tear and in some cases, this print can rub off on clothing and hands too. That thin laminated layer just adds that extra bit of protection, making the flyers last longer.

Although a laminated flyer will cost a little more, the benefits negate the additional expense:

  • Lamination turns a standard flyer into a quality flyer
  • Lamination adds extra strength to the flyer
  • Lamination can also come in a choice of finishes, matt or gloss

If you are looking to grow your business and need high quality laminated flyers for your event or exhibition, then please browse our selection of laminated flyers and place your order online now.

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