Gloss Laminated Flyers vs Matt Laminated Flyers

Gloss laminated flyers and matt laminated flyers both give very different effects, so it is down to your individual preferences and needs as to which one would be best for your particular flyers.

Gloss laminated flyers

Gloss laminated flyers will achieve an eye-catching, more striking look, with the light shining of the gloss finishing, if that is what you are after. The colours of the flyer hold a deeper richness and the light will reflect off the cover. The gloss sheen offers a high impact and also more protection to the flyer itself which could be very useful depending on what you are wanting to use your particular flyer for.

Matt laminated flyers

Matt laminated flyers, on the other hand, will display the colours of the flyer in a paler, slightly more dull look, but can provide the high class, sophisticated feel overall. Matt laminated flyers won’t grab attention with a bright, shiny finish the way gloss laminated flyers will, however, the matt finish displays great quality with a subtle effect. Matt lamination works great for image and first impressions and so if that is the finished effect you are looking for, matt might be the way to go for you. However, matt lamination doesn’t provide the high level of protection that gloss laminated flyers do.

So with your decision between gloss laminated flyers or matt laminated flyers, it all depends on the final effect you are looking for. Matt lamination will offer a sophisticated, prestigious feel, but gloss lamination can grab attention quickly with the bold colours and visible shine.

At Print Expert, we offer 24-hour online printing and can offer both matt and gloss laminated flyers dependent on your needs. We offer a range of different sizes so to view our flyer options, browse our website.

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