Does Your Business Still Need Print Advertising? 24 Hour Printers could help

As 24 hour printers ourselves, we can confirm that there is still as much demand for our services as ever. With the growth of online marketing and advertising, many people have been predicting the death of traditional printing companies. That’s because most businesses still need print advertising alongside the digital marketing efforts to get the best results.

24 hour printers- Why print is still crucial 

Neuroscience has proven it – printed ads make a better impression than digital ones.  Studies on people’s brain chemistry show that they process printed content better with more focus and also it creates a deeper emotional response.  Digital content is scanned quickly but printed content is read more thoroughly, and this means it creates a more lasting impression.

This is just one reason why print advertising in its many forms is still a crucial medium for businesses to market their products and services.  Here are a few more.


There’s a perception of a company with printed materials as being respectable, established and trustworthy.  You hand someone a business card when you talk to them at a trade show.  Or you hand them a flyer when they pass your shop highlighting what you do.  Perhaps you even have a printed advert in a local newspaper or a national magazine – this adds a prestige to your company that digital services cannot match.

Quick and adaptable

While you may be able to change digital advertising and marketing in a second, it often takes days or weeks to have an effect.  Say your company got a last minute slot for a trade convention.  You could use a 24 hour printers to create special flyers with a discount code specifically for the event that you can hand out.  You can create a poster for the shop window announcing you are attending.

You can also create digital adverts but with the way these take some time to gain traction, the event could be finished before the advertising has taken full effect.

Clearly defined audiences

Targeting of advertising online can be very accurate when you create an ad but can still be difficult to achieve that clearly defined audience.  However, with print advertising, you can target the publications that your customers read.  You can even target the sections of the publication that most relate to your business to create context for the ad.  All of this allows for clearly defined audiences with a healthy ROI.

Creates action

A study from the Nielson Global Trust showed that 65% of print readers take some kind of action based on a printed advert they have seen.  For example, a national grocery chain found people were 6 times more likely to buy a product when they saw it advertised in a newspaper than the normal retail customer.

Combines with digital

Print advertising isn’t a stand-alone approach either – there are lots of ways to combine digital and print advertising for maximum success.  The use of QR codes is an example along with other interactive features mentioned in an ad.  Free downloads, special social media offers and other digital approaches can be referenced in print advertising as well as business cards, flyers and other printed communications.

Focusing the customer attention

These benefits highlight the reasons for including print advertising in its different forms as part of your marketing strategy.  Always consider the customer and what will catch their attention – namely the biggest benefits of what you offer alongside the features.  This prioritising of benefits then features is something that online marketing constantly uses and works just as well in the print marketing world too.  And by creating harmony between all communications, you create a brand that customers will recognise.

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