Add a bit of Class with Gloss Laminated Flyers

It can be a difficult task for a business owner to produce effective marketing materials, while at the same time firmly staying on budget and not overspending. With regard to leaflets and flyers that are actually handled by your prospective customers, first impressions really do count.

This is why it can be tempting not to scrimp and save on printed materials, but instead go a little overboard to deliver a high-quality look and feel you want for your leaflets and flyers. However, there is a solution that can give you the best of both worlds – choose to use gloss laminated flyers for your next marketing campaign.

Make your gloss laminated flyers stand out

You can keep your printing costs down to an absolute minimum, but also deliver something that gives a perception of much higher quality by looking at the print finishing methods available to you. Gloss laminated flyers can take an ordinary leaflet and make it look and feel much more substantial and of a higher quality.

Print Expert can take your leaflet or flyer design and turn it into a gloss laminated flyer. This involves adding a coating to your printed material that is made up of a thin layer of plastic and then heat sealed to give a perfectly smooth finish.

We offer a range of finishes for your printed materials, such as matt, laminated or gloss laminated, which act as protection for your printed materials and can greatly improve the overall look and feel of your leaflets and flyers. Having gloss laminated flyers can really add a durable and strong quality to your product.

Longer lasting impact

Using gloss laminated flyers can give your marketing material much more longevity than standard flyers printed with a matt finish alone. The gloss laminated flyer coating allows your flyer design colours to truly shine through for maximum impact, yet the laminate coating will allow for more protection that ensures your design will last longer. A perfect combination for grabbing your customers attention!

You don't need to worry about overspending on your marketing budget either as Print Expert are very competitively priced when compared to other online print companies offering similar services. Don't forget that printed flyers are a very cost-effective way to deliver your marketing message to your customers, so what better way to reach them than to give them an informative gloss laminated flyer that delivers true impact!

The one key element of producing a successful flyer marketing campaign is to ensure that your flyer stands out, catches your customers attention and will be something that they will be happy to read.  The paper you use for your flyer and the finish you choose can make the most lasting impact with your intended reader, and it also creates a first impression that will stick in their mind. Obviously, you will want your first impression to be a positive one, so you can do this by delivering a quality product.

Gloss laminated flyers positively scream quality, but they are not as expensive to produce as you may think! OK, adding a gloss laminate coating can add to your final print costs, but it is a minor investment that is well worth you taking to guarantee a better reach, impact and impression with your intended audience.

So, what's stopping you? Why not enhance the look and feel of your next flyer marketing campaign with these special coatings to create a bigger impact and a lasting memory of good quality by using gloss laminated flyers.

Take a closer look at our gloss laminated flyers here and discover how cost-effective your next marketing campaign can be. It is easy to upload your flyer design for a super-quick turnaround too!

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