4 Ways Flyers and Leaflets Can Help Your Business

As a business owner, the quest is always to catch the attention of the potential customer and make them into a lead. There are many different ways to do it.  Using flyers and leaflets aren’t new ideas but they are ones that still have their benefits.  Here are some examples.

Highlight a special offer

Telling someone about this new deal you have is one thing but handing them a leaflet with those details on it is another.  It is a concrete commitment to that offer and a way they can see any fine print that might concern them.  The possession of the leaflet can also be a way to get people to take you up on the offer – hand this in for ‘x’ promotion or discount.

Use it to promote your social media accounts

Printed marketing doesn’t have to be isolated from online marketing.  You can use a simple flyer to promote your social media accounts and urge people to follow you there.  Something like ‘find us on Facebook’ with your page URL on it can work or even QR codes can be used.

Post through the door

There’s a reason people have long created flyers and posted them through people’s doors – because it works.  It might not work all of the time but if you plant a seed in someone’s mind that you offer a certain product or service, they are more likely to remember it when the time comes to go ahead with that purchase.

Spread word at trade events

It is important to have something to give those potential leads at trade conferences.  While business cards are good, a flyer or leaflet can tell them more information about your business and create a stronger lasting impression.  You can include different information depending on the nature of the event and even add event-specific discount codes.

For more information about flyers and leaflets that Print Expert can offer, visit our page.

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